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Trial Size Deodorant Stone   2.5 oz

For the skeptical and the curious.  A great way to try the product without spending big bucks.  Also great for travel.  Lasts over 3 months.

Price:  $2.99


Thai Body Powder  4.0 oz

This new product not only stops body odor, but also eliminates wetness.  It combines cornstarch with the deodorant cyrstals. Dry and odor free, naturally (no Talc)

Price:  $8.99


Deodorant Stick   4.25 oz

Same fine deodorant stone but our special diamond core cutter now permits us to shape our stone into a convenient and conventional deodorant stick.  Lasts over 1 year.

Price:  $7.99


Mid-Size Oval Stone in a Basket   4.25 oz

Over 4 ounces of deodorant stone milled to perfection and displayed in a handmade rattan basket.  Beautiful to look at on a counter top or shelf.  Lasts over 1 year.

Price:  $6.99


Crystal Mist Body Spray   8 fl oz

Deodorant Stones, LLC has formulated the first liquid deodorant made from the deodorant stone.  Contains no oils, alcohol, or chemical additives.

Price:  $6.99


Ayate All Natural Wash Cloth

Hand made natural fiber wash cloth.  Lasts for one year and is mildew resistant, and machine washable.  This special cloth includes a FREE trial size deodorant stone.

Price:  $7.99


Fresh Foot Mist   6 fl oz

The end of foot odors, forever.  Simply spray your feet with the new Fresh Foot all natural deodorant spray and enjoy an odor FREE day or night.

Price:  $5.99


DO2 Deodorant Crystal Spray   (Re-Fillable)

Great for travel, camping, hunting, or just to have at home.  This is our newest inovation.  A bottle of crystals...just add water, shake and you are ready to spray.  One bottle can be refilled 10 times or more.

Less than $1 per bottle!

Price: $9.99


Crystal Mist Body Spray 2 fl oz (Travel Size)

Same great spray but now offered in a convenient travel size. Great for gym, spa, and airport security.

Price: $3.99


Ayate Exfoliating Back Scrubber

Hand made natural fiber wash cloth. Mildred resistant and machine washable. Better than a loofa.

Price: $8.99


Large Deodorant Stone w/ Colorful Pouch & Counter Dish   5.5 oz

The grand daddy of all deodorant stones.  This all natural stone is hand shaped and smoothed and will provide round the clock protection. Lasts over 1 year.

Price:  $9.99


Liquid Roll-On Deodorant   3.0 oz

The convenience of a roll-on, and the effectiveness of the original crystal.  Men and women will love the simple and effective roll-on protection.

Price:  $4.99


Mini-Travel Deodorant Stick   2.1 oz

A smaller travel size stick.

Lasts over 3 months

Price:  $3.99


Family Pack

*Not the actual family pack
pictured above.

2 - Large Sticks & 2 - Mini Sticks
1 - Roll-On
1 - Foot Spray
2 - 8oz. Sprays
1 - Thai Powder

Price:  $44.99


Ayate Sponge Mitt

Just slip on the mitt and scrub yourself to healthy skin.

Price:  $8.99


Ayate Wash Cloth w/ Natural Seaweed Soap

The most natural of soaps.  Our seaweed soap exfoliates and penetrates your skin to cleanse, tighten and tone your skin.

Price:  $12.99


Fresh Foot Powder   4.0 oz

This new product not only stops foot odor, but also eliminates wetness.  It combines cornstarch with the deodorant crystals.  Dry and odor free, Naturally (no Talc)

Price:  $8.99


Thai Wide Stick Deodorant Stone

Our new wide stick is sure to please those who like a larger surface but yet easy to use. 70 gems

Price: $7.99


Deodorant Stone on Bamboo Mat

A beautiful hand shaped and smooth stone and a hand made counter mat on which to place your stone after using. 4.5 oz

Price: $6.99


Deodorant Bar in Bamboo Box

Hand smoothed and shaped. Decorative bamboo box for storage. Makes great looking gift.

Price: $6.99


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