Ayaté Super Pack

Ayaté Super Pack

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Designed to last you one year, the Ayaté SUPER Pack includes the following:

  • 2 seaweed soap bars
  • 5 total Ayaté wash cloths
  • 3 Ayaté soap mitts
  • 2 back scrubbers


The agave plant is often called the “Tree of Wonders,” and for good reason - it's been cultivated for thousands of years, and it appears in hundreds of products. Our all-natural Ayaté cloth requires a labor-intensive process. The leaves are cut, cooked, and pounded into fibrous strands, then softened under rocks for up to a week. Then, one by one, each fiber is scraped clean of debris, soaked in a natural lime solution, and hung to dry. Only then can they be hand woven, knitted, or crocheted into Ayaté squares. Simply soak our machine-washable Ayaté washcloth in water, and use it for bathing, facial exfoliation, and other cosmetic and skincare purposes. You’ll never use a loofah again.

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    One, Easy Step!

    Simply soak the Ayaté wash cloth in water, watch it swell, and use to exfoliate!


    After Use

    Rinse, then hang to dry. Mildew resistant. Machine washable.