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Ayaté Wash Cloth with Seaweed Soap

Ayaté Wash Cloth with Seaweed Soap


Our Ayaté seaweed soap is made pure from the highest-quality vegetable-based glycerin Caribbean seaweed, otherwise known as marine algae. Possessing a natural floral fragrance, our soap will leave you feeling and smelling fresh. When wrapped in a soaked Ayaté wash cloth, the exfoliating soap deeply cleanses and rejuvenates your skin, enhancing your overall shower and bath experience.


    One, Easy Step!

    Simply soak the Ayaté wash cloth in water, watch it swell, and use to exfoliate!


    After Use

    Rinse, then hang to dry. Mildew resistant. Machine washable.

    Size: 5.5 oz

    Seaweed Soap Ingredients: Vegetable-based glycerin Caribbean seaweed (marine algae)

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