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It started with a stone ...

On a trip to Mexico in 1986, DSA founder, Larry Morris, discovered a simple chunk of salt rock amidst a sea of people at the weekend farmers market. The vendor claimed his stone could solve the nastiest of body odors and Larry, your sweatier-than-average person, decided to take a chance.


Returning home to the blistering heat of Arizona, Larry continued about his daily business, sweating like a pig, but with one noticeable difference: after one week of casually using the mysterious salt rock, his body odor was virtually gone! After years of trying countless, mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants that under-performed again and again, this stone solved all his body odor problems like they were nothing.


Months of researching the miracle stone followed, and DSA, Deodorant Stones of America, was born. After some awkward encounters at the US-Mexico border transporting the crystal stones, Larry decided to follow the salt trail to its source: Thailand (hence, our original brand's name, Thai).


Since then, DSA has taken no shortcuts, maintaining uncompromising standards to become America’s premier manufacturer of natural stick, spray, roll-on, and powder deodorant.

... and has grown

... and has grown into so much more

By the late 2000s, we realized DSA is not and should not be limited to just the world's best natural deodorants. Your natural, personal care journey doesn't stop when body odor stops, does it?

Therefore, in 2012, we added Ayaté, our line of agave fiber washcloths and bath products, and as we look toward the future, we are beyond excited for what is to come and hope you can join us on the journey.

Today, we’re honored to serve millions globally, with loyal customers in all 50 states and more than 30 countries.

Our Promises
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Our promises

DSA is committed to good stewardship and best practices, in everything we do.

Oncologists and dermatologists across the nation recommend our deodorant to their patients. By keeping the number of ingredients to a minimum, we strive to make our products as hypoallergenic as possible and free of unnecessary chemicals. 

Additionally, by opting to use non-aerosol solutions for our sprays and recyclable plastics, we ensure the environment stays just as safe as your body!

We guarantee that our products are free from synthetic oils, alcohol, emulsifiers, solvents, synthetic fragrance, propellants, and aluminum metal chemicals.

Our products are effective. By sourcing our raw materials from the highest quality suppliers, we ensure our customers have an incredible experience throughout the lifetime of each product. 

DSA isn’t just concerned about the health and safety of the human body. Our products are environmentally friendly, and we never, ever test them on animals.

Whether shopping on our website and Amazon or browsing the aisles of your local Whole Foods, DSA's branded products will always be competitively priced as we stand by our belief that high quality, natural, personal care should never be a luxury.

Our Mission

Our mission

Provide every person with access to the highest quality, natural personal care products, providing you and your body with peace of mind.

Our brands

Our Brands

Our original deodorant brand found across the nation. Still our most popular brand, and still the world's best.

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Ayate Logo Float.png

Surprise, surprise! Agave can be used for more than tequila. Using agave's natural fibers, Ayaté is our line of exfoliators guaranteed to put your loofah to shame.

P002 - Float.png
Pure & Natural Logo Float.png

The same power and formula as THAI, but with a name meant to get right to the point of "Why this deodorant?" Because, it's pure and natural.

FFPO - Float.png
Fresh Foot Logo.png

When DSA realized our deodorant could be used to tackle nasty foot odor, Fresh Foot was born. The concept of all-body protection was later expanded to our other deodorant brands.

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Crystalux Logo Float.png

Acquired from a 2004 merger with Sedona Products, Crystalux promises the same power and formula as THAI and Pure & Natural deodorants.

We pride ourselves on being trustworthy

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say:

"I care for many patients with sensitive skin who have difficulty tolerating deodorants and antiperspirants. Based on my training at the Mayo Clinic, I frequently recommend deodorant stones to these patients."

Dr. Patrick Dahl


“After so many years of using chemical laden deodorant, I was intrigued by the Thai Stone which is nothing but mineral salt. Skeptical, I ordered one and I've been using it ever since because it works so well! It's not an antiperspirant but it goes on wet, dries quickly and I'm not aware of sweating or odor for the rest of the day."


Robin (via Amazon)

"Even during my infamous 2-hour workouts that I did 7-days a week (before settling down with children), I did not once notice an odor. I even asked my Husband to recently smell my armpits (he’s a good sport), after I had been out running errands in extreme Chicago humid conditions. He told me I didn’t smell…success!!"


Innana Canon

Project Life Wellness

"If you are a skeptic, take it from me - I was too! I am very skeptical of any product, especially the really "hippie" stuff such as a deodorant crystals. Sounds really lame, right? It's not.

THAI is amazing. You will be amazed.

Christi (via Amazon)

Customer Reviews
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