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In 1986, long before the rise of today’s multibillion dollar wellness industries, DSA recognized the need for more natural deodorant products. Beginning with the simple, but utterly effective, potassium alum deodorant stone, DSA took no shortcuts, maintaining uncompromising standards to become America’s premier manufacturer of natural stick, spray, roll-on, and powder deodorant.


In 2012, we added our Ayaté line of natural fiber shower and bath accessories. Today, we’re honored to serve millions of customers globally, with loyal customers in all 50 states and more than 30 countries.

30 Years and Counting

Our promises

DSA is committed to good stewardship and best practices, in everything we do.

Oncologists and dermatologists across the nation recommend our deodorant to their patients. Since our deodorants contain no dyes or harsh chemical agents, they're safe on your favorite fabrics, too.

We guarantee that our products are free from synthetic oils, alcohol, emulsifiers, solvents, synthetic fragrance, propellants, and aluminum metal chemicals.

Our customers of all ages and genders confirm what we’ve always known: our simple, natural products actually neutralize the odors caused by the combination of bacteria and sweat on the surface of our skin.

DSA isn’t just concerned about the health and safety of the human body. Our products are environmentally friendly, and we never, ever test them on animals.

Over more than 35 years, we’ve developed relationships and practices that allow us to manufacture the highest quality products at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on being trustworthy

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say:

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"I care for many patients with sensitive skin who have difficulty tolerating deodorants and antiperspirants. Based on my training at the Mayo Clinic, I frequently recommend deodorant stones to these patients."

-Dr. Patrick Dahl, Dermatologist

“After so many years of using chemical laden deodorant, I was intrigued by the Thai Stone which is nothing but mineral salt. Skeptical, I ordered one and I've been using it ever since because it works so well! It's not an antiperspirant but it goes on wet, dries quickly and I'm not aware of sweating or odor for the rest of the day."

-Robin (via Amazon)

"Even during my infamous 2-hour workouts that I did 7-days a week (before settling down with children), I did not once notice an odor. I even asked my Husband to recently smell my armpits (he’s a good sport), after I had been out running errands in extreme Chicago humid conditions. He told me I didn’t smell…success!!"

-Innana C., Project Life Wellness

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